Stock Control Systems

With over 15 years experience in designing and creating stock control systems, we have the expertise to help most businesses with the software to keep a tight rein on their stock levels.

Stock Control

Stock control goes hand in hand with point-of-sale or other stock movement systems such as goods received, returns to suppliers etc. The sales of stock items are recorded and the records can then be used to either suggest stock levels for you to manually review and input, or stock levels can be set automatically with a report on the changes that have taken place. This takes the guesswork out of setting stock levels and is also much quicker and less prone to errors.

Seasonal Variations

Many businesses need their stock levels to reflect seasonal trends over time such as winter, Christmas, Easter etc. can result in very different sales patterns for the rest of the year. We can cater for such stock requirements by either recording stock levels that are to be effective between certain dates, or uplifting existing stock levels by a percentage that you specify again within certain date ranges.

Individual Depot Requirements

For clients with several depots, we recognise that not each location will necessarily want the same level of stock due to factors such as space and local demands. For multiple depot stock control, our systems cater for these types of variations and can be tailored in any other ways that you might require.

Automatic Ordering

Our stock ordering system can be used in several ways. Where we supply an on-site server this can be set up to check stock levels for suppliers however often you require. Additional parameters such as ensuring an order meets a minimum level can also be set if required. There is also a facility to raise an automatically generated order at any time you want, for example when a sales rep calls.
Orders can be submitted to your suppliers in a variety of ways. Within the supplier record, you simply enter the preferred method from the following: XML stock ordering, e-mail or post.

Automatic Goods Inwards

Where automatic orders have been raised in the stock control system, a record is kept of the goods on order. The order is then used as the basis for booking the delivery into stock, the operator simply has to amend any quantities that differ to the order and the rest are automatically booked along with a record of the time, date and delivery note number.

Returns to Suppliers

Inevitably most businesses will want to return some stock to their suppliers for a variety of reasons, for example, because it’s faulty, past its sell-by date, or just not required.

Inter Depot Stock Transfers

Companies with multiple depots often need to transfer stock between depots. Our stock control systems cater for stock transfers by raising the appropriate paperwork for the sending branch, alerting the receiving branch by e-mail or a flag on their screen, and allowing the receiving branch to confirm receipt and book the consignment into their stock.

Stock Pricing

We can modify our systems to cater for most pricing requirements. You may have several retail prices, trade prices, special price lists for certain customers, different cost prices for different suppliers etc. You may also have your own way of valuing your stock; this is mainly done on an average cost price basis, and we can also offer an average cost for each depot if required.