What Does IT all Mean?

Don’t know your PHP from your ASP? Your SQL from your XML? Think that AJAX should be used to clean your monitor and not add interactivity to your GUI?

Corditek provides a wide range of I.T. services such as software systems, networks, websites, Linux Servers (mail server, web server, file server and database servers), PC’s as well as consultancy services. Anything you want from general I.T. help to a complete solution, just talk to us.


Php is a programming language used to control the server, update MySQL databases, create the web pages that you can see using your browser and many more things (talk to us – you may be surprised what we can do!!).

PHP and MySQL are very powerful AND they are FREE, so this keeps our costs down and in turn, we pass these savings on to you with our low prices.

E-Commerce B2B and B2C

  • E-commerce is a very rapidly expanding part of all forward thinking business. Essentially it is online selling.
  • b2b stands for business to business, i.e. you trading with your suppliers or customer via the internet.
  • b2c stands for business to consumer – pretty much as it says on the tin – online selling of your products to the end customer
  • We can provide both b2b and b2c solutions for your company

Linux Servers

Servers are just computers, but they tend to be computers that are rarely physically touched, that is to say, you wouldn’t normally use a keyboard and mouse attached to them.
They are similar to desktop PC’s, but they don’t even need a screen as they are mainly accessed from other computers.

Servers can do many things. The main ways we use them are i) to host websites in which case the server will send web pages to your computer over the internet. ii) mail servers to handle incoming and outgoing mail. iii) database servers to store, update and retrieve your data. iv) file servers to hold all your documents on rather than on an individual P.C. – documents can then be easily accessed by several people within your organisation.

Networks LAN and WAN.

  • A network is a means of connecting computers, scanners, printer etc together.
  • A LAN is a local area network, normally contained within one building and only used for one company
  • A WAN is a wide area network – the internet is the best example of this.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

You can extend your office “LAN” securely to other locations using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

The VPN connects two or more networks together to make one virtual network. It’s all done automatically and securely once we’ve configured your equipment.

Can we Help You?

Whatever your IT requirements, please talk to us. We can help with all the above and much more. Our prices are very reasonable and our service is second to none.

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