Website Designers

Build, Host and Maintain

Your website is part of your business and deserves at least as much attention, and, as time progresses perhaps more attention, as all other aspects of your business such as customer service, staff training etc.

Websites are not just selling tools, but also information centres and can help provide staff training, knowledge as well as help in many aspects of running your organisation


We design websites to suit your requirements/specifications. Many clients have seen another website that they like the look of, or have their own ideas, and some people ask us to design something from scratch. Whatever method you prefer we suggest that the design is simple to look at and easy to use both from the user’s point of view, and also from the administrators (normally you) point of view. We avoid all the flashing bells, movies, sounds etc. that just detract from your message and often leave the user bewildered before they leave for one of your competitors.

Our websites are designed to W3C standards using, for the technically minded, one or more of the following: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and AJAX.

Because we are skilled in these web technologies means that we can design websites for a wide variety of uses, for example informing, selling, stock control, point of sale, appointment diaries, staff holiday control, bulk promotional e-mailing etc etc. If you can think of something you’d like from your website, chances are we can help.


In order for your website to be useful, it needs to be always available. Sounds simple enough but many websites are hosted on poor quality servers that struggle to cope with loads that they are under; they often therefore fail and you lose your presence on the internet, often along with your e-mail service.

We use Rackspace Linux servers which are based in the UK. These are high-quality servers which have meant that we have never experienced any downtime with our websites or e-mail systems.

We can also provide servers that are located on your premises. This can give you faster performance across your local area network, and enable backups to data cartridges, CDs or DVDs. We provide Linux servers that can be set up as file servers (to keep all your documents organised in one place rather than spread out over several PC’s), web page servers, and database servers. In order to make the servers as “bullet-proof” as possible, we normally install two hard disk drives and the data is kept identical on each of them (known as a mirrored array), therefore if one fails your server will keep running.