LINUX Servers

We provide servers for small to medium-sized businesses.

Linux servers are supplied and configured (set up) by Corditek as the Linux product is not only free (installation onto a computer and set up to your requirements is chargeable – sorry), but it is a stable, secure, robust operating system that can run on a computer that has been built to suit your needs.

One computer running the Linux operating system can perform many tasks at once, the main ones being: Fileserver to share your files on your network, web server (to host your website / intranet site on), mail server (for rapid sending / receiving of e-mail as well as being ideal for bulk e-mailing), and a database server so that your data can be shared and accessed quickly

In order to make the servers as “bullet-proof” as possible, we normally install two hard disk drives and the data is kept identical on each of them (known as a RAID1 mirrored array), therefore if one fails your server will keep running.

File Servers

A file server is the best way of storing documents that need to be accessed by several users

If you currently share a Windows folder amongst your network users chances are that valuable documents may be accessed without authorisation or worse they could be changed or deleted without your knowledge.

Firstly we discuss your needs and try to understand your company’s requirements then we install and configure file servers with appropriate levels of security, for example, you may want several managers to be able to access everyone’s documents, but you may only want certain people to be able to access managers’ documents. Another scenario is that you just want some people to be able to read documents, but not alter or delete them.

However, you want to organise your computer files just talk to us and we’ll try and help.

Web Server

Web sites are hosted (located) on a web server

You can either pay another company to host your website on their web server, or you can host your website on your own server

With your own web server, you can have it set it up exactly as you want, for example, you may only want certain people to be able to access it, or you may want to put more than one website on your server.

If you’ve ever uploaded a few photographs to a website you may well know how long a task that can be. Uploading directly to your own web server can be as quick as copying files from where-ever they’re stored onto a computer, that is to say, it’s as quick as copying to your PC. Hundreds of photographs can be loaded onto your server and be online within a few minutes

Owning your web server means that you’re completely in control of your hosting costs and your data/images etc.

Mail Server

Many companies complement their web server with a mail server, and mail servers can, if required also be set up as a standalone product

We can set up a web server for an almost unlimited number of users, and e-mail can then be sent through your mail server and also be picked up using Outlook, Thunderbird or a web-based e-mail system – the choice is yours

Database Server

Our databases are hosted on Linux servers and are normally used in conjunction with browser-based software to create software systems. The software and database can be configured to work at one of your locations, over your VPN or to selected computers on the internet – or of course you can open it to the entire internet if that’s what your application is intended to do

Data Backups

Data, whether be in the form of word documents, spreadsheets, photographs, databases, websites etc., is a precious yet delicate item

It can take a lifetime to gather all your data, and it can be lost in seconds either because some malicious person decides to target your data, or because of a power surge, hard drive failure, or even catastrophes such as fire, flood and theft

Because your data is valuable it makes sense to back it up and to back it up in an efficient and secure manner. For large amounts of data, a tape drive might be appropriate but quite costly compared to a cd or DVD backup that would suit smaller data users. With a CD or DVD, your data can be easily transported to another location or computer. We can also encrypt backups to give you an additional level of security.

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