Computer Network Services

Network Services in Leeds

Based in Leeds/Wakefield we provide computer network services throughout northern England.

Mess of wires connecting computers and printers in office

A computer network enables many computers, scanners, printers etc to be connected to one another and files, printers and internet connections can then be shared amongst users. Your network can consist of as little as one computer and a router, up to as many as you are ever really likely to need.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Your network need not be restricted to one office or location

With a Virtual Private Network, called a VPN, your network can be extended, via a secure internet link, to anywhere in the world.

With a VPN you can access your documents that are at your office location from home or anywhere else that is set up to be able to connect to your VPN, you can even allow your staff or customers to access your network

Network Cable Installation

We install CAT5 and CAT6 network cabling both for new networks, and we also extend existing networks.

Our engineers work tidily and efficiently towards meeting your requirements. Using cabling, connectors, routers and switches we aim to provide a stable network that will serve you for years to come.

Wireless Access

Wireless access can provide a clean network without cabling. Installation can, therefore, be quicker and cheaper, although wireless access is normally slower than a professionally installed CAT5/CAT6 wired network

Both laptops, desktop PC’s and also some printers can be added wirelessly to a network.