Point of Sale Systems

Your point of sale system is part of your link between your company and your customers. From your staff’s point of view, your system must be easy to use, fast and accurate with the ability to locate your products and prices quickly in order to make the actual sale process as smooth as possible. Your point of sale system is also important to your customer – they don’t want to be kept waiting for your computer, they want to pay, receive a clear invoice and then go.

Meeting Your Needs

We work with you discussing your needs and how we might help solve any problems then we help to plan your I.T. solution. Our systems are extremely flexible in order to meet the different requirements that companies have – we don’t try and sell a standard package and expect you to work to a set system, we make our computer systems blend into your existing physical systems as seamlessly as possible.

Sales and Margin Reports

All the data from every sale is captured in a database which can then be used to create reports by margins, sales units, sales per day/ week/ month/year etc. Reports can be tailor-made to your exact requirements, for example, you might want to select groups of data (e.g. product groups) and show sales/margins for specific branches. Your customer’s details can also be recorded and used, if required, to contact them by e-mail, mail or text message to alert them of any offers or reminders etc that you want to communicate to them.

Stock Replenishment

The data from each sale updates your stock levels as each sale is completed, you don’t need to wait for the end of the day, or run any special routines to see your live stockholding – it’s always live. See also stock control

System Requirements

Our point of sale system is “browser-based” which means that it works in the same way as many websites i.e. via a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The minimum you need is a computer with an up to date web browser, a printer and an internet connection; we can set you up with our system. Because it’s browser-based point of sale software this means that adding new terminals/branches is easy – just add another computer and, if required another printer or two computers could even share one printer. Being internet based also means management can access the systems from any internet connection, it also means your workforce on the road can access the system anytime during the working day.

Our standard system is based on our Linux servers which are accessed over the internet. Customers with high volumes of transactions may benefit from an on-site server which is dedicated to your company and because it’s on-site it will be directly accessible and much quicker than an internet connection.