Website Programmer

With over 20 years experience in programming we can advise, design, develop and install systems to suit your business and your working practices. We’re based on the Leeds/Wakefield border in West Yorkshire, but our clients are based throughout the north of England.

In order to meet your requirements, we employ a variety of programming languages blended seamlessly together to provide a solution tailor-made to yours and your company’s specifications.

Using our website programming technologies your website can be much more than an online advert. You can use it to keep your stock records (or any other computer records), sell items of stock, order replacement stock and allow trade customers to place online orders.

Today’s web developers and programmers have a plethora of ready built systems that they can offer (and sometimes pass off as their own). Some “programmers” do little more than copy other people’s software and may not have the ability to develop it as your business requires. We design our own systems from the bottom up so we know exactly how they work and can easily, quickly and cheaply make alterations in the future.

What’s more, you need to be sure that you’re not unwittingly breaking any copyright clauses. With Corditek we write our own programs and you use them (under licence) which means you stay at the right side of the law.