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We are based on the Leeds / Wakefield border in West Yorkshire, close to the M1 / M62 motorway interchange which makes us in quick and easy travelling distance to all of Northern England.

Globalisation or localisation?

Established businesses have learnt that quality service is often on their doorstep, and being able to meet your I.T. service supplier face to face then develop a long term mutually beneficial relationship has an incalculable value that helps businesses to grow.

Quality UK I.T. Supplier

Using a quality IT supplier helps your business to grow as we are working together to meet the same goals; we know that if we help you to be successful then this will help in our success. We take time to learn your business and provide solutions to your problems, and it doesn't end there... if something we do for you isn't satisfactory for any reason we'll keep working with you to find what you're looking for.

We care about your needs.

In today's interconnected world you can buy your I.T. solutions from many countries. As well as having a choice of countries there is also a choice of skill levels and prices. The old adage "You get what you pay for" applies just as much to your I.T. services as it does to buying a car, house, food etc.

Buying from some countries has risks, especially where websites, database and on-line systems are concerned. There are many security concerns with computer systems and websites, and while some may offer their services cheaply there may be a reason for their pricing structure; lack of experience and virtual immunity from the consequences of their work could well be the reason. Established, growing businesses find our prices and high standards of work is of long term benefit as they have a local contact, working with modern technologies, and using up to date security methods to keep their systems as safe as they can from attacks.

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A working relationship with CORDITEK can take many forms. We work with individuals, teams and other IT companies to find the best solution to your IT needs.


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