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Putting your database on line means that it can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection.

We design and program databases that are normally on line, i.e. website databases, although they need not be accessible to the internet if you prefer it to be a closed system. A database is just a name for a system that stores data. The data can be absolutely anything you want, from stock records, to invoices, to customer data, to appointment records. We also use database records, such as stock records, to create stock control and invoicing systems that record transactions then create reports to show you what you want to know about your data.

Database Security

Your database can be open to the whole world, or just you.

Security isn't just something that you either have or you don't. There are varying levels of security (just as there are with building security); we analyse your needs and tailor your security level to those needs.

You may want some of your data to be freely available to anyone, in which case your security will just ensure that no-one can damage your systems, or you may want to password protect certain parts of your online database so that only certain people have access. We can also provide SSL (secure socket layer) digital certificates for additional security.

Website databases

Your public website can also, if you require, use your online database

For example, you may keep your stock records within your database. You can then use this stock record data to sell products or services directly from your website. Obviously not all your stock data would be available, some things such as your costs would be hidden from public view.

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