Business to Business

Today more and more companies are looking towards their suppliers to provide a system where they can check live price and stock availability on-line, and place orders without the need for a phone call.

Business to Business

Our b2b system links directly into the stock control system, so once you've provided your customer with a secure login and password, they can see your live stock holding and also see the price that they pay. When your customer is ready to place an order they do so on-line and receive a confirmation e-mail detailing what has been ordered, and optionally the delivery details. You will also receive an e-mail detailing the order so that your personnel can process the transaction.

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In today's era of technology most businesses have an on-line presence.

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If you don't have an on-line store, or your existing one doesn't work in the way your business requires, or if you simply want to talk to us about our offering we're more than happy to try and help.

We write our own systems, so an on-line shop provided by Corditek can be tailored to your business requirements, not as most software suppliers want which is that you tailor your business to their software systems

We can integrate our online shops / b2c sites with a wide variety of payment gateways, for example Paypal, in this way you are paid for your goods / services in advance. We can also provide b2b systems for companies that offer credit accounts -see more under the b2b section of tis website.

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Your website is part of your business and deserves at least as much attention as other aspects of your business such as customer service and staff training. Websites are not just selling tools, but also information centres.



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A working relationship with CORDITEK can take many forms. We work with individuals, teams and other IT companies to find the best solution to your IT needs.


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